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Aliens and Telepathy
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EMNE: Aliens and Telepathy

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 05/10/2018 13:07 #163103

More as for such telepathy (“Christ’s habits, the bigger level etc.”) – little later…
Here I wants to notice one nuance only – where such "telepathy of hers the appearing's fearing" is like the more accurate. As for the birds with their the more brave intuition.

Especially now they are the very influential factor. Basic is their lively the moods as for another choice… “Do not this a tree, do not this a person (any human even)”. Does the very synchronic moods with the human. And for me – it is nothing bad to leave a telepathy for the rest with the birdy moods.


But the better way to decide a bird’s influence (the most universal success) is a strong attention as for You’re the "Your - the Human kind" the legs nails an exact impression (sensitivity or – a size etc.).

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 05/10/2018 13:38 #163104

Now as for the visitors from another galaxy, who were here (from the World in the 4008 our the year).
You will be incorrect by idea of such a visit from the bigger level galaxy.
In our kind the World there now is the year 1923.
Time after the Vetchin’s (such “Lenin's kind a person's” name from "Vetch - Parliament)revolution, when he is still alive.
The biggest international event ther – France do occupied a Pfalz (Germans carbon’s zone). In the pretension now – Huller’s party of the Germany’s nationalists.

Lithuania, it seems, there successfully do decided a conflict with the Poland.


Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 05/10/2018 13:52 #163105

Now as for Pleiades World in the year 1933, where was nothing from me (in the need to prompt an idea to another World, there is enough to impress a picture and a douche on Your – receiver’s head). Germany, it seems, indeed will do a contract with the Baltic States (they do have there the very strong a Germans citizens part…)
Yeah… Were my mentioned the Jews pogroms and Hesler do said – “it is a happiness for the Jews in Slavs countries only..!”. And that all will be correct, when he will be a Germany’s canceler with the fully rights (typo – “what the question to me, as the to usual parliament’s member..?”).

Do not very good the news for the Germany and their Christ…
In the day before the pogroms Germans do left the very important their prognosed the guns engineer Meisner (now he – in Denmark). I will say only – the very similar face like my. He was the basic “Pleiades Christ’s prognoses” to do a Shmeiser…

Other big trouble – the very strong Czech government (it seems, this country can to fight…).
Smaller trouble – “Sopov’s (“Stalin’s”) invitation for the new records…”


It seems only as the "something very", when Germany already do have the new level bombers...


Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 05/11/2018 12:43 #163106

By idea of the high level cosmic travels You can be disappointed as for our cosmic project.
It is incorrect… NASA project Kepler is do not cheaper, than Kepler's Project (it seems - the next Project will be Taxon by our Tess) in the World, which time now – 2060.

Tyrannosauroids the high level World… Indeed – the high level’s the World, where the many technologies are working due the finger’s turn only without the any touch, "teflonic" the windows glass, ("no any water"), holographic TV technologies etc.

How it can be..?

The too much smart cosmic travels due to activity’s show at the end many where is a regress. An example – Dolphinians were many where… But they (like the maqny forwarders) still do not have the genomes of these people (does difficult..? Enough a fingerprint on something, a shit piece etc.). The victories for the pomp of by self...

Top of activity at the end is a self-confidence against a science (nobody do wants to revise "the heroes"). High level with UFOs..? Only such reports - "we were active there and there..." Ups... Chist from somewhere...

The very similar situation is in our Paleontology today (do impress, the Germans in 19’th Century were exact to decide their found a Neanderthal’s age… Nobody revised this a skull due Germans quality’s safety…). Like in the many “cosmology”… “We were brave to decide – Pleiadians are cosmic”.

Nah… As for mentioned Tyrannosauroids the World (2060) does necessary to say something… Because..

This my painted Manhattan (review on the page's top) Nr. 2 (with 3 times the bigger “a central sky scriber”) is an exact their Manhattan’s (2060 year) the view… In the Tyrannosauroids the World, where English do have the Dolphinians language's model (little about - in the prev review #162345)...
Sidste redigering: 05/11/2018 12:45 af Kurtgustav.

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 05/11/2018 12:52 #163107

Pleiadians are no any the "cosmic race" (even - in the own the Worlds mass in the same galaxy). They are cosmic in the genitals enlarging only... Nah... Semi-horses they are.
The basic their the World's news now here (in our Sirius) - do exist their kind's the World in the closser galaxy, which age is ...19 the years after October's revolution... Lenin's name there - Tenev... Pleiadians a live "Hitler's" nick-name there - Astler...
And it is their kind's the top level World in the Galaxy.

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 05/14/2018 08:49 #163122

In continue as for Tyrannosauroids.

One the very delicate moment.
Our USA anthem is at all (Word by the Word) copied from their USA anthem.
But this their anthem is copied from the Dolphinians World’s anthem. The year now there is 2150 (president also – Gudrow).
But original of this anthem is in the Bollats World, which age now is 8200 y. after Jesus Christ (president of USA is Terry Watson).

In the “following anthems” do exist the few places, where is visible – it is a copy as the cheaper of original… In a place of the World “spirit” is done only “Oh”, “O”. “Home of the brave” is in a place of the “home of the dreams”. In other it is “one by one”.

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 05/14/2018 09:33 #163123

There You had a possibility to find my the big earlier mistake as for the languages... The Worlds with this "the same USA anthem" do have "an exactest our kind American English..."

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 05/14/2018 09:49 #163124

In the dolphinians World nr. 2.

There they now are ready to watch the smallest details even…

Do started Crimea war (Russia VS. Turkey).


Prussia is ready for the war VS. France.

At the end. In the galaxy with the mentioned top level Tyrannosauroids the world our kind people the World nr. 2 (also - Hercules) now do have an exact the year 1600. Christ (also has a nickname Altus) is dead. Other of here...
In this the Tyrannosauroids the World 17 years like do exist the body's cloning's at a distance technology even. So, You can try to send something (dead people for restoring an example).

Here one nuance - the mentioned 2060 y. Tyrannosauroids galaxy is "by the Dolphinians World's nr. 2 view". In a view of Serpens constellation. The very simple visible galaxy...

Sidste redigering: 05/14/2018 09:57 af Kurtgustav.

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 05/15/2018 12:44 #163126

Hercules today...

Swedish episcope (also – similar like Malkovich) do organized a Swedish group to investigate an East of the Northern Russia (there Russia do agreed “the big land to Sweden”…)

Germany organized a large Army (appr. 30 thousands) for the battle VS. Turks. The general plan is to get back Varsia (Austria) and – to join by Saxony…


Turks at the same time are organizing a new Army (now is 83 thousands) for the same.

In Latvia do appeared a telescopes master, who left Wien.
Sidste redigering: 05/15/2018 12:45 af Kurtgustav.

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 05/18/2018 12:43 #163135

Now as for our kind people World (year 2032 in our time)in the another galaxy. There in these days a 1’th time is testing the views cloning – receiving engine (the basic goal and a potential now is too film the view noises).

Their an interesting situation and I little do studied this “going” before. Nah… Cloning engine principally is built on theory as for the parallel Worlds. THEN… You can to try to affect one place (to press, to move engine, like it could be coming into another the gravities etc.). And something must be filmed. It is simple.

In their such a mentioned engine (belongs to SETI) is done principle to film the models of stress (engine box do like the jumps to the another space’s validity).


Do impress - our World for such a progress does necessary to get the 3 billions of the additional the good examples copy masters (Nah.. Nigeria's pupulation there now is 500 millions)... Then...
Sidste redigering: 05/18/2018 12:47 af Kurtgustav.

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 05/18/2018 13:03 #163136

This map again - the very "Bollatic..."


Theorically THE EVERYTHING THIS - is a funny result to do a God (in the face of the Bollats) correct in his (the Bollats) World... In any way - our kind World Nr. 1 with the over 10 milliards people still do have the very simmilar cars like we now (and in such a population they will have them longer). Globalisation is the big their manifestation.
The basic American city in a place of New York - Mineapolis.


In Kissanians World there now is the year 1937. Germany's cancelor Himler declared a plan to occupy Austria.

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 05/21/2018 10:15 #163138

In continue...


Interesting here, that in this "the very solidar galaxy" the Dolphinians World's map also do not have Lithuania. Do have this country Centaurs (there I do know - their Lith. Language is the fully like Lith. here, when Centaurs of our Galaxy do have the VERY different Lith. language). Lithuania in this another galaxy also do have the Taurians, Tyrannosauroids and the Andromedans only.
Typo - it is the specific species nation (do not our) - such is an idea there...
So much we are the unique here.

Realy in Universe it is do not truth... Baltic languistic space DO APPEARED and has a strong horisontal symbio stability THEN, WHEN it was based on the Latins space's MYTHOLOGIC support ("somewher in the unknown South, where in the winter are living the birds is the kids home..."). For the Germans this space was an alien space, them (to the Northern) - does not (simply - do not known space).
This mythologic system - it is so strong version (in continue), that Lithuanian form language do have even an Italy of the 2'th Tyrannosauroids the world ("Rome", or - Sansma "like here" is with the Lith. language - do not the Latins).
Spaces without this form can to mean - this galaxy is by the much cheaper galaxy (still without the any Latins clossely).

Nah... The more srious for the intrigues - this a battle without Lithuania...
Sidste redigering: 05/21/2018 10:19 af Kurtgustav.

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 05/22/2018 09:15 #163140


Mentioned system of "Byelorussia for the West" is known... It is an usual idea - the small relative (languages) countries in the future can to stabilie situation with the too big relative country... Unfortunatelly - this every time comes to the conflict, when the big country's busines goes with an influence... Such situation is an example - is Syrius "black Russia's busines is occupying Byelorussia in continue of the American guaranties..." Principle - due this...
For such goals are working every those blabs as for globalisation and so one, which goal is simple - "small countries do not must be the more active"... and it is all as for this USA's "global doctrine"... Yeah... Then... Biger part of customers are in the doubts as for the technologies understanding... in continue - the growth of ideas as for conspirative developments... in continue - stopping of the openly visible development and - crisis...
The biggest our Galaxy's worlds still are in those troubles..

As for crussaders... And do not "only"...


Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 05/22/2018 09:38 #163141

Big Bear constellation and our kind people World…

The basic news – king Henry do decided the new “united countries” (Normandy – England) flag… Different of Hercules English (two the collors spaces - red and blue) flag…


Here was necessary to say for You... Because do started the big Danish migration from the England... King Henry - "England comes into the hardly one the nation".

I one times do invited few the influential British persons here... Due the news as for Normandy's invasion to England ("Brexit do not saved You..!")... I do believe - they will influent this the World to became into the "English leading World..."
In the Hercules England - after the short calculating of population… English number after the few months epidemic period – 1,5 millions… England now – smaller of “Skiltland”… just little bit bigger of the Hercules Estonia and the Big Bear’s England (million !!!).
Sidste redigering: 05/22/2018 09:40 af Kurtgustav.

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 05/23/2018 09:10 #163143

Nah... Polish-Byelorussian Army do won this "Tanenberg's battle".
The big Teutonic Army's part (the various "Order's guests") was drunk and so like.
Care Your fresh consciousness - today the very simmilar Germans Army came in Varsia's territory. Dirrection - Wien and the war against Turks (it is our Galaxy, Hercules).

The enough big news in the Tarcians colony...
Nah, the Bollats news - in the one new planet (Pleiades space) they do decided the watter's existence (do impress - "they the first time found a watter...").
By this theme Tarcians do received 2 killed Swedish the young soldiers from the 2'th chimpansoids the World and - one chinese (high level in the marionet their government) from the 1'th Pleiades world.

Sidste redigering: 05/23/2018 09:19 af Kurtgustav.

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 05/23/2018 09:59 #163144

The more unexpected news to the Tarcians will be Dolphinian UFOs invasion... One reason is from this, that Henderson was over their planet with his projected planers.
2'th reason is to cover this the World (Dolphinians are projected such anti-telepathic function) still are the hot events in their 2'th the World... Tarcians has a wish to receive the wittness through the human cloning stations.

Basic news in the Pleiadians World - few days ago dead Shahti. She was the first alien, received in Sirius stars (Dog constellation) the world. As the dead girl in desert. Later she was reborn (from genome). Later - re-born again as the historicallity. Last this hers a "version" has 47 years age. Death's reason - alcoholism.


Top news by this in Dolphinians World - they do received Pleiadians kind the aboriginals, who never seen the withe people. So... Do exist the galaxies number, where Pleiadians basically are in the stone age only.


Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 05/23/2018 13:17 #163147

Dolphinians - already are over the Tarcians...

At the same time the various Bollats spiritualists (popular theme - "Powerful Galaxy without the any our kind...") from the all this logic (nah... they do not thinks the another kinds) do turned to Pleiadians World in the time 1250 after Jesus... In our the years it could be year 1923 with the all simmilar situation... Here a psychologic nuance ("hey... maybe they the very know us..?!") is this one - Germany's anthem and Soviets anthem (hymnes) are the same, like known in the our Bollats earlier times...

Some comparable images.


Other the hard news - Pleiades Denmark (year 1933) do decided to construct Meisner's designed gun (here Wolmer designed this in the year 1938).

Sidste redigering: 05/23/2018 13:19 af Kurtgustav.

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 05/23/2018 13:33 #163148

Now - Pleiadians attentions manner.
Or - how to impress the horses..?

Do appeared a standard Pleiadian could be in such the moods.
"Does nothing, if I am do not intrigued in your space..? This tapirs manner indeed fits to impress the horses style... Then this a person in the gentkle manner is starting with such speeking... "...but..." and so like. Typo - person by person do not have a dirrection, still do not understand an attention's kind HIM... And then - a talk only... Pleiadians progress from such a time's spending indeed is the very strange then (lover worlds gives a way to the higher heads and then..?). Nah... do exist the different Pleiadians cultures, but... In our World a simmilar the horses manners culture do have the Kurds and Chechens only.

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 05/24/2018 09:51 #163149

"New UfO..!"

It could be a message to us. It is indeed a big event to me... Iguanodonts of Perseus do ended a project (technic theory) as for "hyper-flying ship". And it is an exact version of Centaurs or - Dolphinians the methods.
Today they do completed the principles, which decides their leadership on the simmilar (their specie) the Worlds in the another galaxies...
Year (their) - 1958. In our the time it could be ... OUR THE YEAR...
Population - 8,4 billions.

The basic sensation is in this the moment, that this World is the fully unknown World for my mentioned the players... It is the biggest Pleiadians mistake... Them is knowm Iguanodons the World, where now is 12'th Century only... Bollats do left this question them (nah.... now these the questions keepers are in the graves only)... Pleiadians then do decided Perseus as the wild Worlds space only (yeah... there is the big resourses for the emthy colonies) and... and everything.

20 years ago, when I identified the Dolphinians, was the very visible their the moods - oh, World are copying one other... From this - the big fearing of telepthic receivers... The very agressivelly - they do not will receive our technologies... From this - an enough big interest to identify such... And trully - no any friendly moods as for such able people.

Then... In telepathy is a variant to re-send knowledge to 3'th person (without the any own receiving). You simple are sitting in the hard condition - "I am an exact (simple - an exact in the body condition) as for 2 other persons". One have knowledge from... Other - the smaller doubts as for his creating condition in idea of 2'th persons ythe creating condition... Or if simple to say - it is a possition of telepathy stream's re-sending through the left head's temple... The very long job, but, it seams, Perseus perfectly do understood dolphinians physics. Yeasily, because this the World do have a simmilar map.
So, from me to the Dolphinians: "I nothing do stoled, but it does not means Your full governing in telepathy success..." As for the earlier Dolphinians, who still are continued of the meantime Dolphinians can be the more bad words... "They (we) do coppied manything their..." (nah, more exactly could be - we do coppied Andromedans, maybe) in the Hebrew letters form etc. So as for them (our thhe World) necessary to stop this a process fully..." Simple their - "Our Formula is - We are The Greatest... From this - the right to stop plagiarism. The right more to say them (to us), what they do not know..."

So... End of my efforts for Iguanodons... Was do not difficult... "Hey... You do not know this my kind (nah... They do not have Lithuania)". If do You interested - their Danish language is the most simmilar language to the our World's Danish (every other are the more different)... And...


Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 05/24/2018 10:05 #163150

Nah... As for - why I am so liking "the iguanodons"... They do not so press to go back, like the many our people...



Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 05/24/2018 11:11 #163151


Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 05/25/2018 12:57 #163152

"The very small news..."
Centaurs do started to do (it will done after week maybe) a space cloning engine, which could be an equal to the Bollats engine…

At this time they do received 3 genomic another examples only (everything with my support, by the way…)… And Centaurs indeed were nerving me with their standard to impress it all as "the accidental success"... And everywhere (in the any high their civilization in the another galaxies) THEY are the very weak in this technology. My from this theior manner (as for them by iguanodonts) - "I am big in the stopping of cheaper..."

Now to the Centaurs will be little possible to receive the things even (or – to film their the misty views). An example – the maps, books or so one…

If do You believe, that it is the too high level machines – then I want to disappoint You.

Logical principle is built on the version, that subject do not wants to be in other space, but he is in the energy’s growth. An example – Christ is on the cross with the big tremor, heated of the Sun and the dangerous energy’s growth is a cloned his image as the parallel stabilization. In this a way an example, You must to press with finger a thing, to do a mass growth by the help of the various telepathy methods.

2 logically are such…

1'th method… This thing (which do You want to send) is the one of the usual kind (example - one the same book of the big number). In sending moment You must to impress You, like by the few other in the same condition. Due You – few the books do will lose a mass temporary (it is possible by the quantic fields theory) for one books cloning in the other space (mas will be smartly returned due the chaotic quantic streams to the book).

2’th method (I do found this 20 years ago) is based on the version of Your own mass losing due the book’s mass copying… Funny, but the all in this enginery still is working on the 2’th method’s base. To get something is like the Christ’s case, when the active personnel is losing his a mass… “We temporary must to lose a mass, for his a sending to the God…”
Unfortunately – in our galaxy (and the neighboring galaxies) still is this a cheap engine.

The stronger engines are working on the gas electrolysis support (a simple micro-material adding) and the parallel condition's support at one time (there is a possibility to heal even thogh the misty having a parallel shape's correction and its influence to the "original").

Sv: Aliens and Telepathy 05/25/2018 13:23 #163153



And... The invisible revolutionary events there...
Our kind human World's England do started with the "expedition to find a Western way to India..."

At the same time Skiltish (yeah... Skiltland) voyager Vilklif is ready to start in the same from 2'th our kind people the World (7'th Century).

In the both cases the important nuance is a religion's disscuss:
1'th World... England does not have a place in the Crussaders occupied Jerusalem, his need - "a nose for Scotland"...
2'th World... Skiltland do not wants to be under English Christians missionaires influence...

Nah, or maybe it is the more simple... Their kind Christ do started with the long a trip (to Tarcians), so ...what to do them..? - The same...